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Hello & Welcome! 

Joy. Purpose. Flow. Meaning. Peace. Harmony. Authenticity.  Connection. Magick. Mother Earth. 

These are the things that matter most to me.  I bet they matter to you too.  That’s why you’re here. 

I don’t believe in accidents, only synchronicities. 

I founded Ravynwood, because of my own personal healing journey.  Transforming from hating-my-life hot mess to one of purpose and passion. I combined my decades of experience as a Reiki practitioner and green witch to develop a unique program that’s a mix of the Wheel of the Year, the seasons, connecting to Mother Earth, energy healing, mindset work and a little magick. 

This magickal blend is Ravynwylde – A Sacred Year Journey for the Green Witch. Available through private 1:1 coaching.

Of course, all the other offerings here are also crafted and infused with that same care and magick. 

This is a place where you’re seen, heard, supported and inspired as you take your own personal journey of reconnection, transformation and growth. 

Welcome witches!  Blessed be!

Ancient Wisdom - Modern Life

All programs offered here are to support your reconnection to Nature, Mother Earth and your own magick.

Creating connection, peace, flow, joy, meaning and purpose. Speaking your truth. Standing in your power. 

Being unapologetically you. 

 Here, you’re seen, heard, supported and inspired. 

If you’re drawn to the magick and wonder of Mother Earth and the ways of the green witch, then you’re in the right place.