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Magickal Gardening for the Green Witch

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Magickal Gardening for the Green Witch printable features lots of topics to help you plan, manage and use your garden bounty. Get yours today.


Keeping a garden is something that most green witches (and all witches) feel naturally drawn to.

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 There’s something so magickal about cultivating your own vegetables, flowers and herbs.

 I have filled my landscape with medicinal or edible plants for years and love being able to nurture my gardens.

 If it’s time to explore gardening in your witchy life, then this 30 page Magickal Gardening for the Green Witch printable might be just the thing to get you started off right.


 Here’s what’s inside: 

 ·        Garden planning tips like companion planning, considering the elements in creating your garden, and creating sacred spaces.

 ·        A list of magickal plants that you might want to add to your garden plan this year

 ·        Tools and supplies checklist

 ·        Garden by the Moon - there’s a section on gardening by the moon phases to help you create your garden using this age-old practice

 ·        Magickal properties of 20 different plants you might want to add to your green witch garden. Many are good for both practical and magickal uses.

 ·        Garden rituals and how to perform them along with a page for incantations and affirmations.

 ·        How to create your sacred space garden

 ·        Tips for herb drying and storage plus inventory and log sheets to keep track of your herbs.

 ·        Magickal plant care and a weekly watering tracker and fertilizer tracker to keep you on top of your plant care tasks.

 ·        Garden divination to help you tap into the wisdom and energy of your garden like tips for reading signs in your garden.

 ·        A section on using your garden harvest - like making tinctures, bath blends and teas with a recipe page so you can write down your favorite tea recipes.


Plus there’s journal pages, trackers, log pages and a notes page too.


It’s 30 pages, in 8 ½ “ x 11” size


Pretty Lily of the Valley design.  

8 1/2" x 11" size.

You get a printable PDF file with your purchase. This is a downloadable, printable item. Nothing will be shipped to you.

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  • Pretty design, 30 total pages, 8 1/2" x 11" size

    Get yours today!